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Clinical Psychologist Carolyn Cole leads our Child Psychology Services in addressing any of the following:

Developmental Difficulties

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Intellectual Disability

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

  • General learning delay

Our child psychologists can assist with the identification and diagnosis of any of these conditions as well as providing recommendations for support, accommodations at home and school, and then implementing individual therapy.

In general, therapy targets the behaviours that appear because of the individual’s diagnosis, rather than treating the features of the condition itself.   While there is no cure, when it comes to therapy, there can be gains that result from reducing the distress to the individual or family when behaviours are better controlled.


How a child psychologist can help

We start by building a strong relationship with the child, as trust and rapport are essential components for effective therapy.  We also works closely with the family to help them to understand the diagnosis and how this impacts on their child’s current presentation and challenges.

This builds the family’s knowledge and confidence so that the work undertaken in session continues within the home setting.


Anxiety can appear in a number of different ways. If your child seems anxious, highly strung or worries about the smallest things and you are concerned that anxiety is holding your child back, this may be an area for learning new skills.

How we can help

Typically we starts with psychoeducationProviding information about the nature of the presenting problem, how it typically presents and what types of therapies are likely to be effective. and building a child’s understanding of the body’s physiological response when anxious, in order to normalise what they are experiencing.

Then we’ll draw on a range of different therapy modalities including relaxation trainingcognitive behaviour therapyacceptance and commitment therapy and tailoring the approach to the individual and their particular triggers for anxiety.

The therapy is presented in a way that is appropriate for the child’s developmental level, often incorporating play, and use of visuals to support learning.

Managing stress associated with school and study, including organisational skills

The demands for teens as they enter high school and particularly as they reach year 11 and 12 can be immense and many teens benefit from some additional coaching and support at this stressful time.  Parents are not always able to be the ones to provide this coaching role for teens and that is where a child psychologist may be of assistance.

Support that provides tools and strategies

We can assist your teen to self-reflect on their current study habits and identify study or organisational skills that need some work.  A supportive approach with some stress management tools and time management strategies are then put into place and regularly reviewed until the skills are well established.

Getting support in place early in the senior high years, for a teen who is finding it hard, can really pay off by the time they reach year 12.

Social problems

Social difficulties may take the form of bullying or difficulties developing and maintaining peer relationships, right through to more pervasive social difficulties that link to a child’s ASDAutism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a lifelong developmental disability that affects the way an individual communicates, interacts with others, and relates to his or her environment..

Identifying and targeting specific skills

Our psychologists can work with your child to identify what the social skills are that need to be developed further and then target these through play and social scenarios building on principles of social thinking skills and cognitive behaviour therapy.

Depression, low self-esteem/ lack of confidence

An initial assessment using self-report and/or parent questionnaires may be used to gain a better understanding of the type and severity of the depressive symptoms when this is the primary reason for seeking psychology support for your child.

Tailored solutions to improve self-esteem and confidence

Therapy is tailored for the individual, drawing largely on cognitive behaviour therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy depending on the particular presentation of symptoms.

Angry and frustrated (defiant) behaviours

Our child psychologists have undertaken specific training focussed on Functional Behaviour Analysis and we use this approach to develop a foundation understanding of the function the behaviour(s) serves for the individual.

Child Psychology therapies that help

We draws on skills training, psychoeducation, relaxation training, cognitive behaviour therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy principles and tools to suit the individual and developmental abilities of the child.

Sleep difficulties

Our child psychologists have experience working with sleep difficulties across a range of ages, from early childhood through to teenagers. Sleep difficulties are quite common amongst children with autism spectrum disorder.

Improving sleep for everyone involved

We also have experience working with families to identify the nature of the sleep difficulty and put strategies in place to help everyone in the house get a better night’s sleep.